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“Second Chance” Information Session

“Second Chance” Information Session

On Tuesday, 31 January, the Ath­lone Campus NCV Department hosted a “Second Chance” Information Session. This session is for students who are repeating NCV subjects either distance/full-time or along with their parents/guardians. The subject Lecturers also formed part of this session.

Ms Harley explained to the students their obli­gation and responsibility in the repeating year as many misconceptions are floating amongst parents and students. Students were handed an agreement form to sign to acknowledge and commit themselves to the rules and procedures related to repeating a subject.

Parents were also allowed to ask questions and engage during the session. At the end of the session, students were allowed to have a chat with the Lecturers about the subjects they are repeating so that they start the year off on a good footing.

Once all was said and done, it became clear that students and parents/guardians had a better understanding of what it means to repeat an NCV subject.

The Academic Management of the campus would like to thank all parents, guardians, students, and staff for their attendance and participation. Wish­ing all NCV students a productive and successful academic year ahead!


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