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Principal's Message for 2023

Written by Dr MM Muswaba (FCIS)
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Welcome to the “COLLEGE WE WANT” in 2023, I trust that you have had a good break with your family and loved ones and wish you all the best with success and joy, and only what is good for you and your family for this new year filled with opportunities and possibilities. 

Our focus for this year as an institution is to once again dedicate all our efforts towards this year’s slogan, THE COLLEGE WE WANT. Last year we floated the slogan THE COLLEGE WE WANT but did not get to a point that we lived the practice of the college we want.  This year we need to strive towards making this slogan real and alive in our daily practices of being the best we can be and build ethos of THE COLLEGE WE WANT.

To the staff, welcome back to the college we want where we live the values of the College of Cape Town, where we all are at a highly functioning successful college and a place that we are all proud of, this would be the essence and ethos of the college we want. A college that supports each other and encourages growth and self-enrichment.  A college which embraces each other’s diversity and encourages innovation for the improvement of the college and the students it serves. I wish to salute all our staff for their tireless commitment to the African child to ensure that each one of them who leaves the college will make a success of their lives.

To our students, this is a new year where you can redefine who you are, I trust that you will use the year and work harder to strive towards a better result.  Reflect on your practices of last year and improve on what you could have done better and make the change you want to be.  Only you can be that change you want to see. 

To those who are joining this august College for the first time, thank you for choosing this college to be your education and training partner, you are at one of the best colleges in the country and we trust that your stay with us will be as fruitful as the effort you put into your attendance, your submission of assignments and tasks as well as preparing for your tests and examinations.  The economy requires a young team of employees or entrepreneurs who can lead this country into a brighter future, who can change the direction of our future and bring it on track to a journey of success.  You are amongst that cohort of college graduates who will be the change our country, continent and world so desperately need.   The world needs a new set of leaders who can move this country towards our 2030 National Plan targets, and you are that graduate.  Your presence will shape the COLLEGE WE WANT, so we are relying on your hopes and dreams to drive our future.  You are at the centre of the COLLEGE WE WANT.

In closing and on behalf of the College Council and the Executive Management Team of the College of Cape Town, I wish you well and all of the very best for this year and ask of all of us to recommit ourselves to strive and improve this institution into the COLLEGE WE WANT.  This should be our collective drive and action each day to achieve the college we want and ensure that it becomes the best COLLEGE in the country.

Welcome and best wishes for 2023.


Dr MM Muswaba (FCIS)


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